Saturday 26 July 2014

telugu tv anchor tollywood actress chinmayi ghatraju latest hot photoshoot stills in blue dress

The beauty that possesses the ability to seduce everyone with her excellent curves and 

loveliness is the most fantastic lady of Tollywood, Chinmayi Ghatrazu. Besides being an 

amazing Telugu actress she is a diva whose beauty is simply countless and this asset helped 

her to win 2010, Miss Asia Texas award in no time. She is even declared as the winner of the 

best talent award as well as has also bagged the honourable award of best cultural 

representative in India.

Glimpse of Her Past Life:

Chinmayi owns the flavour of royalty in herself as she is the native of Hyderabad known to 

be the city of Nawabs. Later on, she migrated to Texas of USA from there she completed her 

education. She did her from Texas her BBA and BA in Psychology. She then planned to go for 

MFA education in the film making industry that is basically based upon direction learning as 

she desired to become a director in future life.  She is an efficient Kathak dancer that 

claimed her to the winner several awards.

Career and Biography

While Ghatrazu  was in the Film Making Academy she got the opportunity to direct a short 

movie named as “An American Nightmare” and during that same duration she had signed her 

first project for LBW that was nominated for best short movie award as well as was even 

declared to the winner of best viewer choice award. Later on she migrated to India and 

started working as Telugu actress, she rendered movies that worked well in the industry such 

as Lovely and life before wedding. Currently she is found to be working in her new 

assignment “nice 2 meet U” this year to broaden your smile without any problem.


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