Friday 25 July 2014

Aksharabhyasam for Star Twins Ariana, Viviana (Daughters of Manchu Vishnu)

Star Twins Ariana, Viviana, darling daughters of Vishnu Manchu-Viranica Manchu and granddaughters of Mohan Babu, are all set for Aksharabhyasam today. Going by sources, Ariana and Viviana's Aksharabhyasam will be held today at World famous Saraswathi temple in Basara of Adilabad district. Mr Vishnu Manchu has personally taken care of the holy ceremony. Although it's a grand do, we hear that it is strictly a private, family affair. Vishnu's close friends and relatives of Manchus are attending the do.

Doting dad Vishnu Manchu has so much affection, bonding with his daughters. He usually juggles between his film sets and his house just to spend time with his star twins Ariana and Viviana. Whenever he gets a break, he makes sure he either calls them up, speak to his children or go and meet them and play with them. Although Vishnu is happy that they're growing up, he is little worried that he might be missing Ariana and Viviana when they go to school. "What do I do, when they both go to school?" Vishnu was quoted as saying by his close aides. This once again proved, Vishnu's love for kids.


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