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Peranmai is a 2009 Tamil-language action-adventure film. Co-written and Directed by S. P. Jananathan in his venture and produced by Ayngaran International, it stars Jayam Ravi and Roland Kickinger in the lead roles while Ponvannan, Vadivelu and Urvashi, prominent actors from the Tamil industry, played supporting roles in the film. This film is remake of Stanislav Rostotsky's successful 1972 Soviet film, "A zori zdes tikhie(The Dawns Here Are Quiet)",

The film revolves around a tribal forest guard who works for the welfare of his tribe and spreading education among them. Whilst, on a team bonding mission with five college girls, whom initially mistreat him due to his caste, they stumble on a group of foreign mercenaries who are planning to stop India’s scientific progress by destroying a rocket launch by using missiles. How the team bonds together and defeat the potential threat forms the crux of the story.

The film opened to audiences worldwide on 16 October 2009, coinciding with Diwali. The film received predominantly mixed to good reviews, praising the film for the patriotic theme. This film was dubbed in Hindi as Kasam Hindustan Ki.


Dhuruvan selects the five most insolent and disobedient girls in the troop for the expedition intending to provide them better training. As an attempt at a practical joke, the haughty girls post a complaint to Ganapathiram claiming that they didn't feel safe with Dhuruvan and that he was responsible for whatever that was to happen to them. Meanwhile, the expedition begins and while Dhuruvan is caught up in some procedures at the forest check post, the girls non-chanlantly try to drive the jeep and run it down the slope of a hill. After losing their vehicle, the troop decides to stay in the forest for the night and go by an alternate route the next morning. But the plot thickens, when Kalpana (Vasundhara) describes two white men with advanced armaments in the Indian forest heading towards the direction of the Indian satellite research station in the forest.

Duruvan plans that if the white men want to sabotage the space mission they would reach the banks of toonghum lake within 5 hours & he knows a better route to go to the safe place in opposite bank within 4.30 hours. he tells the girls to go back and inform the ranger about them; but girls disagree & go with Duruvan. they reach the opposite bank and to their shock they find 16 men with full military getup.

Dhuruvan guesses that they must be out to sabotage the space mission and makes plans to defeat the operation of the foreign mercenaries. He sends a cadet back to inform the officials and the rest join him in the operation. He manages to lodge their troop ahead of mercenaries by his navigation acumen. Later he deliberately obstructs the movement of mercenaries by cutting the trees to distract them. Anderson (Roland Kickinger) who heads the foreign terrorist group decides to stay back until a clear notion from the opposite side. He deploys two of his men to investigate the situation. But, Duruvan’s troops successfully kill the two men. Anderson sends another three men to the opposite side to find out what happened to the two guys he has sent; on the other hand Dhuruvan’s troops are eagerly waiting for them to collect their armaments. When Anderson finds that he has lost five of his group, he decides to kill whoever is obstructing him move further.

But, Dhuruvan's troops cleverly plant the land mines they acquired from one of the five men they killed. As per their expectation, one of the terrorists steps on a land mine and dies. This scares the terrorists and they decide that Anderson and one another man would go hunt for the land mines while the rest would set up a camp there. That night, Dhuruvan’s troops break into their camp and seize one of two boxes that the terrorists carry around with them. expecting it to contain information about the air missile. By the morning, Anderson finds most of his men dead and is enraged at Dhuruvan. On the other side, Ganapathiram gathers his team and creates allusions against Dhuruvan among the public. He manages to get a shoot on sight order for Dhuruvan from the district collector. He finds Ajitha's body in the quick sand of the river (previously sent by Dhuruvan to inform about terrorist group to the Army, but trapped into the quicksand and dies) and perceives that Dhuruvun must have killed her and gets order to shoot Duruvan on sight to save the girls. Ganapathiram on the way, finds Dhuruvan and tries to shoot him, but Dhuruvan escapes .He later realizes the situation when he sees the corpses of the terrorists and informs the Army head that he killed the terrorists and promises him to hand over the dead bodies. Dhuruvan now has killed almost all of his enemies except Anderson and another guy at the counter missile sight. Anderson, this time gets an opportunity to kill his enemy from Dhuruvan troop by identifying their secret signals.

At climax, Dhuruvan and Anderson fight face to face and the girls try to disarm the counter missile from firing at the space rocket. After an intense fight between the men, Anderson is killed by Dhuruvan. Dhuruvan finally reaches the site of the missile launch and helps the girls. He increases the time set of the rocket by 25 seconds and changes the direction of the missile. Indian space rocket launches from the station and speeds up into the atmosphere. After 25 seconds, the counter missile diverted from its direction explodes into the desolate forest. The troop prides themselves for being successful on their mission. At the end of the movie, Ganapathiram is being awarded by the Indian government for his bravery while Dhuruvan is back at the camp site training another set of new NCC cadets.


Jayam Ravi as Dhuruvan
Roland Kickinger as Anderson
Vasundhara Kashyap as Kalpana
Saranya as Ajitha
Dhansika as Jennifer
Varsha Ashwathi as Thulasi
Liyasree as Susheela
Ponvannan as Ganapathi Ram
Vadivelu as Soosai
Urvashi as Victoria Madam
Svilen Kamburov as Benny


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